Since 1982 to the present, I have had an on going photographic love affair with the Zen Gardens and Shinto Shrines of Kyoto, Japan. Between 1982 and 1986, using only a Minolta 110 pocket camera, I shot over 1500 snap shots of that citie's temples and shrines. By 1987, I had become frustrated with the limitations of the little Minolta, and needed a better camera. My Father came to the rescue and loaned me his 35mm Canon AE-1. Between 1987 and 2005 (22 trips), I have shot over nine thousand photographs of Kyoto's Zen Gardens and Shinto Shrines.

What really prompted me to start shooting with a good 35mm single lens reflex camera was the first time I saw the Autumn foliage in Kyoto in November 1984. The combination of the red leaves of the Japanese Maples and the yellow leaves of the Ginkyo trees-----the Fall colors, and Kyoto's Zen gardens and shrines is absolutely unique. There is no other place like it in the world. What I try to convey in my phtographs is a story, it has to say something.

My approach to photography is not that different from playing music, balance, harmony, rhythm, and flow. All these must be present in photos that are selected for my collection. I want the viewer to have a vicarious experience, a feeling of what it is to be alone, a solitary individual in the gardens of Kyoto. For myself, to be alone in a Zen garden is a release, a letting go, a sense of peace and tranquility. When alone in a garden for 30 to 90 minutes, I am enveloped within the incredible silence, I am "waiting for the light," watching it change carefully selecting, anticipating the perfect shot. That's when the world drops away and there is nothing else. I then become completely centered on the silent beauty of the garden, and I become part of it like a crane standing motionless watching a pool of water.

With the exception of playing music, observing and photographing the Kyoto gardens can be a near religious experience. I feel mystically connected to those gardens and will forever be returning there to capture on film the delicate and subtle changes of color, and unique depth of shadow and contrast available only there, and nowhere else.



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